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      What is The Art of the Interview?
      • We perform relevant, timely interviews with stars from television, movies, music, books, news and more.
      • We edit the interviews and quickly turn them around, posting them to our web site, often within an hour of doing them. All you have to do is sign on, choose the interview you want and download the MP3.
      • Then, use the interviews on the air or post them on your website to drive traffic there with exclusive content.
      • Everyday we'll send you an email notifying you of the latest added interviews and upcoming interviews to keep an eye out for.

      Why Use The Art of the Interview?

      • We provide promotable content. Whether you use it on the air (either with our talent, or edit the cuts with your own) or on the web, interviews are something you can use to capture listeners and build cume.
      • Save Time and Money: You get great content for your station, but you don't have to waste time or manpower to secure, perform or edit the interviews. They're delivered to you, ready to air.
      • Budget Conscious: With one fixed cost a month, you get all the work at a fraction of the cost. There are no employees to hire and no training is needed.
      • Generate revenue: Interview segments can be sponsored. And not just on the air, but also on the web. As stations look for more NTR outlets, pop culture interviews have been shown to drive listeners to your site to hear from their favorite stars.

      What Makes The Art of the Interview Different?

      • The Host: Chris Messina. Chris is a 15 year Major Market radio vet with experience ranging from Operations Manager to Production to Morning Show Host. He's worked in news, music radio and sportstalk. Chris brings that diverse experience, a vast range of knowledge and an understanding of just how radio works to each interview. His interviews have a warm, contemporary, familiar quality to them--always thoughtfully researched and performed with your audience's interests in mind.
      • The Content: We go after what you'd go after. And we handle these interviews as if we were doing them for our own station. We literally spend hours arranging, researching and performing the interviews. We cut no corners and unlike some syndicated providers, our interviews don't sound canned or amateurish.
      • Utility: Our interviews are relevant and timely. We guarantee 10 interviews a week, with an average of 15. That means at least two new interviews everyday for you to use on the air and on-line. That's at least 10 more pieces of promotable material, 10 more chances to add a sellable element to your station and 10 interviews you don't have to waste your own, limited manpower securing, performing and editing.
      • Our Archives: In addition to the dozens of new interviews every month, we also make our archives of hundreds of previous interviews available for your use as well. New movie coming out? Celebrity in the news? Head to and search our archives for exclusive audio you can use to keep your station sounding relevant all the time.

      Why Use The Art of the Interview (Large Market)?

      • We know you get a lot of the big interviews, but your time is valuable. You don't have the time to do all the interviews offered you, but that doesn't mean they won't help your station.
      • We can act as a supplement to the work of your producers and on-air staff.
      • Use our interviews to augment your on-air sound and fill your website with exclusive content.

      Why Use The Art of the Interview (Medium to Smaller Market)?

      • We know that if you are outside the top 25 markets, you are basically locked out of the big interviews. Let us use our collective strength to get those interviews and pass them along to you.
      • Let us act as your surrogate producer and content provider and build a bigger sounding on-air product.
      • Plus, use the interviews to build your web traffic and help cover your public affairs bases.

      How Does The Art of the Interview Work?

      • We schedule, research and perform the interviews.
      • We immediately edit the interview and post it onto our website.
      • We send out an email alerting you that the interview is available.
      • You sign on, download what you want, and you are ready to go.

      Want to find out more about The Art of the Interview?

      • There are two easy ways to get on board.
        1. Send us an email at Explain who you are, give us your details and we'll get back to you.
        2. Or call us at 503-706-7970.
      • Still hesitant? Don't be. We'll give you a two-week free trial to test it out, see how it works for you.
      • Nothing to lose, a world of content to gain.